Level Up Your Lead Gen and Customer Experience with Keller Mortgage

October 2, 2019

Real estate icons and standout leaders implicitly understand that their businesses aren’t just about processing a transaction – it’s about creating a customer experience that wins attention and stands above the rest. And, the best in our industry are continually evolving to meet customer expectations of a full-service, high-value, and lower-cost real estate experience.

That is why Keller Williams is on a mission to equip its agents with an exhaustive toolkit of technology and services they can use to attract and win more business in their local markets. One such service is Keller Mortgage – available exclusively through Keller Williams transactions and designed to deliver significant savings to consumers when held up to traditional financing.

Savvy agents and leaders are using Keller Mortgage not only to sweeten their existing deals but to attract the attention of new clients. Soon after hearing about Keller Mortgage, Theresa Flood, co-team leader of Keller Williams Dallas Preston Road, recognized the responsibility she had as a leader to help put this disruptive tool in the hands of her agents as quickly as possible.

Keller Mortgage is designed to deliver significant savings to consumers when held up to traditional financing.

“We have to be early adopters,” shared Tommy Flood, Theresa’s husband and co-team leader. “We have a mantra around our market center that ‘Oh, we have that too’ never wins. Competitors are beginning to show up with tools like this, so when we sit in a listing appointment and say, ‘We have this too,’ we’ve already lost.”

To that end, the pair have encouraged all of their agents, including the 214-plus that have joined their market center this year, to dive in and use Keller Mortgage as a strategy to both create a better customer experience and to generate high quality leads.

An Untouchable Customer Experience

When it comes to financing a home, clients are looking for a low rate, no add-on fees, and an uncomplicated process. Keller Mortgage checks all these boxes. Because the company doesn’t invest in expensive ads or marketing, they are able to waive origination and lender fees. Through affiliation with Keller Williams, agents can point clients to Keller Mortgage, saving them thousands of dollars on their transaction through the ZeroPlus Loan Program. To date, Keller Mortgage has saved clients over $90 million. By helping consumers net more money, agents deliver more value and a better experience to their clients and aren’t asked to compromise their commission.

Keller Mortgage as a Lead Magnet

In July, Smokey Garret, Keller Mortgage Driver and Operating Partner of the Dallas Preston Road market center decided to conduct a lead generation experiment around Keller Mortgage. Through the guidance of Theresa and Tommy, agents launched a series of Facebook ads in Campaigns – an applet in Command that allows agents to quickly deploy ads across social media, email, search engines, print, and more. The total spend on the ads was just $300 and featured simple messaging around the value of Keller Mortgage. As the results came in, the team was stunned by the collective return on their investment:

  • 157 leads
  • $1.91 per lead
  • 16 buyer appointments
  • 8 listing appointments
  • $13 per appointment
  • 15.2% conversion rate

“It was simple, nothing flashy,” said Tommy. “But it worked.” And now, it’s even easier to replicate the success the Floods and their team found. A suite of ready-made Keller Mortgage graphics fit for social is ready and waiting for you in Command. Campaigns and Designs – the two applications in Command needed to create and then launch a campaign like this – were designed to be easy to use. In other words, you don’t need a marketing degree to create a campaign that converts.

Keller Mortgage Graphics

“Inside of Command right now, you can find or customize beautiful templates in Designs in just a few minutes,” explains Josh Team, president of Keller Williams. “Then, you can go to Campaigns and set your entire social media strategy up with a few clicks.”

At Mega Camp, the Floods had the opportunity to share this success story with Gary Keller, Smokey Garrett, and a crowd of thousands. After listening to their story, Keller mused, “Imagine if every agent in the market center spent 300 bucks. From an MREA perspective, it would go to the top of the list in return for money invested to generate a lead.”

Add Keller Mortgage to Your Toolkit

Money matters to your clients, and Keller Mortgage delivers savings directly to your buyers and negotiating power for your sellers. And, that adds up to a distinct competitive advantage for you.

Keller Mortgage is available in every state but New York, so if you’ve been waiting to add it to your toolkit, Keller recommends you move fast before other competitors pop up. “In terms of taking advantage, it may have an expiration date. When; not if; a competitor figures out how to do this mortgage, they won’t be conflicted about it.”

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