Family Reunion 2021: 4 Reasons to Get Excited About Real Estate’s Most Powerful Virtual Training Event

Ada Ciuca| January 20, 2021

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to re energize your business along fellow real estate professionals from every corner of the globe, your opportunity has arrived with Family Reunion 2021.

Now in its 28th year – and lauded as real estate’s largest and most powerful training event – the conference will go virtual February 15 – 18 to bring together the brightest minds in business, technology, entrepreneurship, and, of course, real estate, for four engaging days of learning, training, and networking.

If you attended Keller Williams’ first digital Mega Camp in September, you’ve already experienced some of the exciting connectedness and possibility that going virtual can offer – but Family Reunion 2021 has plenty of surprises in store. This year’s agenda will equip you with invaluable lessons, strategies, and the most important skills needed to propel your business in 2021. 

Here are four reasons why you won’t want to miss out:

A Dynamic Learning Experience

Just because you’re learning powerful new strategies to elevate your business in today’s market doesn’t mean it has to be a monotonous journey. Between breakouts, workshops, coaching sessions, and value-packed keynotes such as Gary Keller’s Vision Speech, you will be motivated and energized to apply the learnings into your own business, stat. No stuffy lecture halls in sight.

>Breakouts: Choose between 16 immersive sessions that will encourage you to sharpen the skills it takes to really thrive in the real estate industry landscape of 2021: scalability, marketing, building smart relationships through databases, and creating transformational experiences. 

>Workshops: Expert-led, hands-on sessions that allow you to deep dive into your business and  get the most value from Keller Williams technology.

>Game shows: If you’ve been following along the Road to Family Reunion “Choose Your Script Champion” battles, you’re in for the showdown of the year. Agents will go screen-to-screen in the biggest script showdown of the year, but the fun and games at Family Reunion 2021 doesn’t stop there. The conference will be home to two new and exciting game shows that will entertain, educate, and allow attendees to glean top agents’ best practices in a new, innovative format.

>Masterclasses: Get a concentrated dose of thought leadership with 20-minute presentations on some of the highest-impact topics within the real estate world.

>Bringing it all together: With so much information to digest, it may be difficult to know where to start – but snackable session recaps will provide a personalized, heartfelt experience that delights the audience and provides them with key takeaways right away. 

For more insights into the exciting content that awaits, check out the agenda!

Meaningful Connections

We all miss that energy boost and feeling of connectedness that in-person events provide. But, just because we have pivoted to virtual does not mean we have to miss out on new networking opportunities and features. At Family Reunion 2021, topic and role-based chat rooms will reign supreme. Throughout the event, attendees can choose from 25+ rooms organized by specialties, roles, and topics, and may jump in at any time. With agents from across the globe hopping on to chat in real time, this feature is perfect for networking lovers who want to pick up new strategies, compare event notes, and grow their referral base along the way.

Electric Engagement Opportunities

Social media plays a vital role in engagement in the digital landscape, and at Family Reunion, agents will have myriad opportunities to share their experience and foster a strong following on their own platforms. Between an integrated social feed that will make their posts discoverable by attendees worldwide, and the ability to record and share custom high-quality consumer-facing social videos that can make any social platform pop, real estate professionals will cover all bases of engagement: with industry peers and with their sphere of influence.

Solution-Oriented Navigation

At Family Reunion 2021, agents will be able to masterfully navigate their way around to gather the most value for their individual business. In between sessions, agents can take a trip to the Virtual Exhibit Hall – a one-stop shop for alleviating business concerns. Within the hall, agents can share their greatest business needs and connect with vendors that can help alleviate their qualms and amplify their success. From demos to live chats, agents are one step away from the solution that will ease their mind and allow them to focus on what really matters: building their big lives and businesses.

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