Clubhouse 101: A Real Estate Agent’s Guide to the Newest Social Networking App

Lalaina Rabary | January 13, 2021

As you’ve been scrolling through social media lately, you’ve likely come across a term: Clubhouse. Talk of this audio-based, invite-only social networking app is spreading across timelines at lightning speed and generating serious buzz along the way.

  • So, what is Clubhouse?  
  • How do you get started? 
  • What can it offer you in relation to your real estate business?  

We’ll cover it all below! 

What is Clubhouse? 

As the creators write, “Clubhouse is a new type of network based on voice. It allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.” 

Mashable describes the experience as a free-flowing podcast, which gives participants the ability to hop in and Vogue writes something similar, branding Clubhouse as “bringing together of live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions, networking opportunities (some savvy people are already swapping ‘influencer’ for ‘moderator’) and advantageous multiple-room use (locked and private options are available so you can talk to pals too), the social-media app mimics real-life interactions.” 


Over the past couple of weeks, it has become a congregating spot, “for real estate agents, entrepreneurs, and independent contractors,” Tristan Ahumada , KW agent and team leader of Tristan & Associates. “People are going in to absorb information that they would otherwise get at events, share best practices and ideas from a variety of verticals from investments to real estate to company growth, marketing, social media, and more.” 

How do I access the app? 

Clubhouse is currently in beta and only available to iPhone users, adding to the FOMO factor that has fueled its allure. 

You can get in one of two ways: 

  • By being invited by an existing user of the app through their main menu. Users are offered one invitation to begin, and as they interact with the app – hosting/joining discussions and inviting contributors– will be granted more to share. 
  • By downloading the app, your friends will be notified and may have the opportunity to let you in (without using their invites) – making for a true, win-win situation. 

What happens once I’m in? 

Once you’ve been granted access, you’ll be prompted to create your Clubhouse profile. 

Tips for creating a winning profile: 

  • Upload a clear, crisp profile photo that pops. 
  • Write a bio that quickly gives users insight into who you are and the value you could offer in conversations. While there is no character limit, it’s recommended to keep your bio short, avoiding long paragraphs. 
  • Feel free to add emojis to your bio. Unlike any other social media app, Clubhouse allows users to search by emoji. 
  • Strategically insert keywords to make it easier for people to find you, but don’t overdo it. 
  • Link your Instagram and/or Twitter account below for people to easily connect with you. There are no in-app messaging feature. If you choose to add links in your bio, make sure they are memorable as users won’t have the ability to click or copy/paste them. 

“Over the last two weeks, my Instagram following has grown a lot and I’ve been receiving more direct messages from people wanting to connect; it’s a direct side-effect of people going deeper into Clubhouse,” says Ahumada. 

How do I navigate the hallway? 

After your bio is set up, you’ll enter the hallway, which is the name for Clubhouse’s main feed. 

Here, you’ll be able to: 

  • Enter any active chat room to listen in or take part in the conversation. Every room you enter will be public. You can start a private chatroom with any of your friends if you swipe (right to left) in the hallway.
  • See upcoming discussions based on clubs you’ve followed or scheduled rooms. 
  • Go to the calendar to see a full list of upcoming discussions that can be easily added to your calendar.
  • Review notifications to see who has followed you, when someone you follow is speaking in a room, invitations to join a room, and when someone you follow has scheduled a room to open.
  • Click your photo to update your profile or manage your settings.
  • Use the search feature to search the member directory.

What do I do once I enter a room?

If you decide to enter a room, you’ll join in as a listener with no microphone access. During this time, take in the conversation unfolding and get a feel for the tone and topic. You can also click user photos to see who else is in the room. You may be surprised who’s tuning into the conversation with you! Celebrities, authors, and prominent business leaders have been known to spend time in Clubhouse rooms. 

When you’re ready to ask a question or contribute, click the hand icon and moderators can choose to bring you up to the stage.

What should I keep in mind if I’m brought to the stage? 

If you’re brought up to speak, keep your microphone muted before and after you speak as a courtesy to those around you. In larger rooms, moderators will likely only bring up a select amount of speakers to share insights or ask questions, and in smaller rooms, moderators may bring everyone to the stage to take part in an open discussion. The format differs from room to room, so it’s important to observe so you follow suit. 

Speaking gives you an incredible opportunity to share your expertise with others and form genuine connections. 

When speaking: 

  • Begin by saying your name or mentioning something about your profile photo for followers to quickly seek you out.
  • Come from contribution, offering value to the group over direct self-promotion.
  • Keep your thoughts/questions brief and make sure to open the floor for everyone to participate. 
  • Be thoughtful, and do not interrupt.

And, when you’re ready to leave, you can press the peace sign to “leave quietly.”

Can I create my own room? 

Absolutely! By doing so, you’re able to connect with people from around the world to swap real estate best practices, ask questions, learn, debate, and discuss thousands of topics.

When creating a room: 

  • Schedule it in advance with a compelling headline and topic summary.
  • Add co-moderators to join you! By doing so, it will help grow your reach once you open the room. 
  • Open your room up a couple of minutes early to allow time to ping people to join you.
  • Flashy titles and magnetic personalities alone aren’t enough to keep Clubhouse users wrapped in; a great Clubhouse experience requires a moderator skilled at bringing people into the conversation. If you’d like to host a room, but don’t feel equipped to moderate, find a partner.  
  • As new listeners stream in, occasionally restate the purpose of the room and “reset” the room by sliding down to display the most up-to-date participant list.

What are clubs and how can I participate in them? 

Another aspect of Clubhouse are “clubs” which bring together people of similar interests, identities, and activities. The creators encourage you to think of them as “conversation series,” because consistent conversation is what builds a great community. Some clubs host conversations weekly, others biweekly, and others daily. It’s totally up to the creator. Clubs also let you decide to get together publicly or privately.

How can I find and follow clubs? 

There is currently not a club directory, so the best way to find them is in conversation, in events that appear on your feed, or under the profiles of those you follow. Once you follow a club, you’ll be notified of its public events. 

How can I use Clubhouse to grow my real estate business? 

Although the platform is relatively new, real estate agents have wasted no time in leaning into it to learn, establish connections and begin connecting with consumers.

Brittany Rose @btheboss 

Washington D.C.-based agent Brittany Rose joined Clubhouse on November 14 and has used the app to cultivate relationships with people in her pipeline, send referrals as well as close on other verticals associated with her real estate business.  More than anything, Rose believes the platform is powerful for the learning and networking opportunities it provides. 

“It’s not just an opportunity for me to learn and to make sure others are learning by giving them space to ask questions or ask questions on their behalf, it’s shortening the learning curve exponentially while expanding your network. I’ve learned so much about real estate internationally and have established connections that willa lter the course of my life.” 

Harrison Beacher @hlbeach

“Right now, it’s about capitalizing on the current appetite consumers have for consuming information in this podcast-style format. Without the commitment of being on-camera, the structure allows people to come on to ask questions with more anonymity,” shares Harrison Beacher of Coalition Properties Group. Beacher and his business partners have centered their focus on participating in discussions hosted by clubs, such as Ownership Matters who have established followings as well as hosting their own. “I was a part of a conversation last week with 450 people in the room. Following the conversation, four people signed up for appointments on my calendar and two are ready to buy. The opportunity is amazing.”

What about you? 

If you’ve been spending time on Clubhouse, we’d love to hear from you! How has the app helped you grow your business? What have you learned? Share in the comments below! 

For more FAQs and hacks, visit the Clubhouse knowledge center.

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    How soon will this be available to non Apple products users?

    • Ada Ciuca says:

      Hi Robyn,

      Thank you for commenting! It looks like the Clubhouse founders have not set a date for a non-Apple user release, but some sites are saying it may be before the end of the year. Meanwhile, if you would like to freshen up your social media skills on some tried-and-tested platforms, check out:

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