6 Ways to Move Through Family Reunion 2021 Like a Pro

Ada Ciuca| February 3, 2021

You may have already heard the news: Between February 15 – 18, real estate’s largest training event, Family Reunion 2021, is going virtual. From dynamic learning experiences to meaningful connections and electric engagement opportunities, we’ve offered a peek into why we’re particularly excited about this year’s event. Now, we share the must-knows to make the most of your Family Reunion 2021 experience, from the very first moment you log in. Here are 6 platform features you won’t want to miss. And, if you haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late.

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Build Out Your Dream Agenda. 

The much-anticipated agenda is out, and outside of staple can’t-miss sessions such as Gary Keller’s Vision Speech, which dives into the status of the real estate market, and additional industry-leading insights delivered directly to you from leaders, the world is your training oyster. Schedule out some pre-event time to create your personalized agenda within the platform. 

Don’t forget to mix, match, and explore a variety of content options, including: 

  • 16 immersive breakout sessions tailored to sharpening the skills that are relevant to agent success in 2021
  • hands-on Command workshops designed to help you reach your business goals by leveraging KW technologies
  • 20-minute master classes on high-impact topics from top real estate-industry thought leaders
  • entertaining and educational game shows that will have you laughing and learning alongside industry experts 

Put Your Networking Plan in Place. 

At Family Reunion 2021, growing your referral network is a borderless endeavor. Connect with agents from all over the globe by filling out your personal profile, choosing your desired communication settings based on your level of comfort, and sharing a warm, inviting profile photo. From there, the platform will pair you with like-minded agents, allowing you to choose whether to connect for one-on-one conversations. But the networking opportunities don’t stop there. Take some time to browse through the 29 topic and role-based chat rooms, a brand-new feature set to help you hit it off with fellow professionals – right off the bat. 

Explore the Solution-Specific Exhibit Hall. 

Are you coming into Family Reunion on a mission to solve specific problems pertaining to your business? Successful agents and business owners are always searching for ways to streamline their workflow and address parts of their processes that just aren’t working. At Family Reunion 2021, this is made easier through an exhibit hall organized by solutions. At any time, you can take a virtual stroll through to chat with vendors and the KWRI product team about products and services that can help you fill your biggest business gaps. Whether your pain points are transaction tools, lead generation, or scaling your business, there is a solution waiting for you in the exhibit hall. Take a glance at the sponsors that will be ready and able to help.

Step Into the Social Studio.

Looking to leave a lasting impression with your clients, colleagues and social followers? This year, we invite you to step right up into the KW Social Studio. Choose a fun background and smile wide for a selfie in the photo booth. Add on some stickers along with the #KWFR21 hashtag and you’ll have the perfect pic showcasing all the fun you’re having at real estate’s largest virtual training event. The booth also offers a video creation component, where you can choose from five teleprompted scripts (or, if you’re feeling extra BOLD, record your own!) and share with your sphere. Lastly, after you’ve created your own fabulous content, don’t forget to stop by the Social Feed and see what fellow event-goers have to say. As always, make sure to post responsibly and always treat others with respect.

Engage in Some Friendly Competition. 

Gamify your experience by completing tasks such as visiting the exhibitor booth, uploading a profile photo, and submitting questions during breakout sessions. Then, check the leaderboard to see how you’re faring up against fellow attendees! Not only is it a fun way to engage with fellow conference-goers while learning the newest tools of the trade from the best in the real estate business, but your efforts won’t go unnoticed. By accumulating 1,300 points, you will also earn a special prize – an exclusive Family Reunion T-shirt that is sure to become the most coveted piece of KW swag of the season. 

Get the Most Out of Your Content. 

During the event, the platform’s sticky video player allows you to keep up with what’s happening on the main stage by staying at the bottom of your screen; even if you leave your virtual room. This feature allows you to move freely throughout the platform and always be prepared for the next session – no FOMO in sight.

Say Goodbye to FOMO.

Missed a session or craving a rewind? The platform’s video library allows you to browse available on-demand content even after it’s a wrap on Family Reunion 2021, so you can be sure that you’re squeezing every bit of knowledge out of each session.

Missed this year’s event or just feeling like you need a refresh? Check out Outfront’s Family Reunion 2021 archives.

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