31 New Social Content Ideas to Try This July

June 28, 2021

Exciting news – the Outfront social media calendar is now a monthly occurrence! Engaging your audience regularly on social channels is a surefire way to create a tight-knit community around your brand, as well as grow your audience. Because of this, we’re touching base with you on a month-to-month basis to make sure your social media marketing toolkit is always full of new ideas.

This month, celebrate America with brand-new Fourth of July graphics, customize the newest edition of your personally-branded zine, and showcase your business success loudly and proudly.

Bring the Heat to Your Content Calendar ☀️

Week 1

  • July 1 – Kick off July by asking your clients to share what they’re up to this summer!
  • July 2 – Keep your audience up-to-date on the local market by leveraging the ‘Local Expert’ templates in Designs. 
  • July 3 – Got any party preparation tips for the Fourth of July? Share your favorite games, recipes, and traditions with your followers!
  • July 4 – Happy Independence Day! Celebrate America with brand-new Fourth of July graphics in Designs!

Week 2

  • July 5 – New week, new listing! Get everyone excited using one of our ‘Just Listed’ templates! 🎉 
  • July 6 – Holding an open house this week? Try using one of our ‘Open House’ graphics to spread the word!
  • July 7 – Let’s talk markets! Tap into Quick Posts for a quick graphic that will keep your sphere informed. Current topics available are days on market, sellers wanted, and winning with the help of an agent. 
  • July 8 – Which paint colors or countertop styles are the most popular in your area? Keep your audience in the know by using our Trend Alert graphics.
  • July 9 – Real estate agents are here to help! Share an action shot of yourself or a team member, and use the caption space to give your sphere an inside look into your day. 
  • July 10 – Everybody needs a good staycation! ⛱  Share a post highlighting three fun local businesses your audience should try visiting this summer.
  • July 11 – Share an inspirational quote with your audience that will carry you through to the new week.

Week 3

  • July 12 – Spend today updating your personally-branded magazine! (a brand-new summer edition may or may not be available TODAY in Designs 😉)
  • July 13 – New Quick Posts are available, providing easy, topical posts that will resonate with your sphere.  
  • July 14 – Show off your style by sharing a picture of your realty-chic outfit of the day, along with a fun experience you had today.
  • July 15 – Your clients are your biggest advocates! Showcase a client testimonial using one of the ‘Client Testimonial’ graphics available in Designs. 
  • July 16 – Got any interesting stories from your recent appointments? Share a picture with your sphere and tell the story.
  • July 17 – It’s poll time! Use a ‘this or that’ poll to have your clients share their thoughts on a fun weekend topic, such as whether they prefer an above-ground or in-ground pool. 
  • July 18 – Get your audience prepped for the new week by sharing three compelling events happening around town!

Week 4

  • July 19 – Use a ‘Just Sold’ template to showcase a recently sold property in your community! 
  • July 20 – Give your audience a reason to celebrate! Use one of our new graphics to wish your clients a happy Eid al-Adha!
  • July 21 – What’s your favorite thing in the office? Share something your workstation can’t live without and encourage your sphere to do the same.
  • July 22 – You’re the expert on the happenings in your neighborhood. Establish credibility by sharing a Neighborhood Snap graphic from Designs.
  • July 23 – Show some love to a preferred vendor by sharing a picture of them and what makes them awesome!
  • July 24 – Let your sphere see your face! Shoot a quick video to say ‘hi,’ and share what you’re up to this weekend. Don’t forget to wish them a great time as well!
  • July 25 – There’s so much to be thankful for! Take this Sunday to share a small  piece of gratitude. 🙏

Week 5

  • July 26 – Show off an under contract property with a new graphic from Designs
  • July 27 – Share an exciting fact about your market to help your clients understand why you are passionate about helping them find their dream home in THAT particular market.
  • July 28 – Do your clients know what their home is worth? Share a ‘Home Value’ graphic and help them discover their home’s value.
  • July 29 – New Quick Posts are available, providing easy, topical posts that will resonate with your sphere.  
  • July 30 – Sound off! 📣  Ask your audience to share their fun weekend plans. (And make sure to share yours!) 
  • July 31 – You made it through the month! Share a proud moment with your sphere and encourage them to do the same.

Share Your Tips and Strategies

Let’s talk about what’s working. As you implement these ideas into your social media strategy, we want to hear which tips and tricks create the most engagement with your audience. Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Kira says:

    To be honest, I make sure I don’t use any prefabricated posts. Everything is made by me (videos, photos, etc). I create fun house tours on reels that get a lot of views, comments and shares. The way i see it, i am my brand so my face is on my social a lot. I get a lot of engagement through Instagram stories, which is like the “behind the scenes” of my life and business. I also try not to make everything about real estate. I do about 2/3 RE related posts and 1/3 my life/family etc. This way people get to know ME, not just a bunch of real estate info without a personality.

  • hannah says:

    I loved having these for both june and july! will there be articles like this for every month?? That would be so helpful!!

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