30 Engaging Social Post Ideas for Your April Marketing Toolkit

March 30, 2021

Social media communication continues to be essential for a thriving real estate business. By putting themselves on public-facing social media platforms, agents can gain instant access to a large pool of potential leads and cultivate community in a natural manner, all while strengthening their brand recognition. Last November, the Outfront team brought together 30 post ideas to help you stay top-of-mind with your sphere of influence, and it seems that many of our readers loved it.

Now, we are back with the best practices, tools, and social post ideas to attract your sphere’s attention and offer value throughout the entire month of April.

A Refresher for Succeeding on Social Media

1) Stay consistent.  

When it comes to winning at social media, consistency is the name of the game. In particular, staying consistent in three main areas will ensure that you create a social media presence that is easily recognizable among your followers.

  • Posting: Keep your audience engaged by posting content on a daily basis. This does not mean that you have to constantly be dedicating your day to social media. Instead, try time blocking a few hours per week dedicated to scheduling your posts. And, when necessary, employ some help.

    “Try using a social-media management tool to stay organized for your monthly calendar, and don’t forget to plan ahead,” shares KWRI social media strategist Marliese Gowin.

  • Voice/Tone: Your social media presence is an extension of your brand. What type of tone have you created around your brand in other means of communication and in your day-to-day interaction with clients and prospective clients? Translate that into your presence. Buffer says it best when describing voice as, “your brand personality described as an adjective (ex: lively, positive, cynical, or playful). The tone, a subset of your brand voice, adds flavor to your voice based on factors like audience, situation or channel.

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  • Visuals: A majority of social media platforms are visually driven, and aesthetically pleasing visuals play a huge role in cutting through the clutter. The cheat sheet for implementing visuals into your strategy comes down to choosing complimentary colors, keeping it simple, and understanding photo ratios. But, as you start experimenting with visuals, it is worth gaining a deeper understanding of what elicits a response from your audience. 

    “When in doubt, a high-quality image is likely to lead to more engagement than anything else,” shares Gowin. “Try to keep a balanced mix of text and images or illustrations to eliminate visual clutter.” 

2) Participate in social media challenges. 

Cultivating community within your social media space is a fantastic way to offer value to your sphere and ensure that they continue to engage with your content. One of the easiest ways to stay relevant and make sure your audience is responsive to your content is by creating a daily challenge and encouraging your sphere to participate. This will give you a plethora of engagement opportunities as you respond to the content they share. For example, between April 1 and April 30, post one daily moment that brought you joy alongside a short anecdote, and encourage your friends, family, and clients to do the same.

3) Leverage tools.  

With the release of Command, Keller Williams deepened its commitment to helping agents excel at every turn. The technology hosts a suite of applets that caters to every aspect of your business, but two applets in particular can help agents enhance their social media presence: 

  • Campaigns: Allows agents to set up and schedule posts and ads across all of their channels. 
  • Designs: Offers a suite of more than 1,400 professionally designed templates that can be personalized and paired with posts.

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Brighten Up Your Content Calendar 

Now that you’ve freshened up your knowledge on how to shine on social media, it is time to get to work. Here are 30 ideas that will have your network attentive and engaged.  

Week One

  • Apr. 1 – It’s April Fools’ Day! Show off your jokester side by sharing your prank for the day with your followers. Encourage them to share stories of their most successful pranks. (and don’t forget to remind them to keep it family-friendly!) 
  • Apr. 2 – Start the month off strong by arming your clients with knowledge about their local real estate market. Designs’ Neighborhood Snaps are there to help. 
  • Apr. 3 – In today’s market, it’s important to emotionally prepare your buyers for the journey ahead. Offer a gentle reminder of the speed of the current market and set realistic expectations. 
  • Apr. 4 – Spotlight your upcoming open houses by employing the Open House templates available in Designs.

Week Two

  • Apr. 5 – Wish your sphere a very Happy Easter
  • Apr. 6 – Remind your clients that you are a community expert by bringing a personal touch to today’s post and sharing your favorite spot within the community. 
  • Apr. 7 – Under Contract (Designs) Your clients should know just how good you are at your job. Share your achievements by using the Under Contract templates in Designs. 
  • Apr. 8 – Tax Tips (Designs) Arm your sphere with important financial knowledge by sharing the value-packed Tax Day carousels available in Designs. 
  • Apr. 9 – In honor of the upcoming weekend, set business talk aside and share a personal win with your network. 
  • Apr. 10 – Saturdays are for light content. Share an aspirational photo with your sphere: A beautiful sunrise, a place you’d like to visit when the world opens up. The world is your oyster! 
  • Apr. 11 – You’ve already set the tone for the weekend, so keep the lightheartedness going with an inspirational quote or a funny meme.

Week Three

  • Apr. 12 – We’re nearly halfway through the month. Time to offer your network a Market Update.
  • Apr. 13 – Make sure to wish a Happy 1st Day of Ramadan to all those celebrating!
  • Apr. 14 – Home Value (Designs) Encourage your potential clients to start thinking about their home value by tapping into the Home Value templates in Designs.
  • Apr. 15 – It’s Tax Day … well, it would have been Tax Day. Take this opportunity to remind your sphere that it has been moved to May 17. 
  • Apr. 16 – Add some visual interest to your feed by showing off a current or recent listing
  • Apr. 17 – Pick your favorite topic: either highlight a new development popping up in your community or share a weekend event you’re attending at a safe and social distance. 
  • Apr. 18 – Put out a call for Sellers Wanted (graphics available in Designs), and add a personal touch by giving potential sellers insights into the buyers you know are looking.

Week Four

  • Apr. 19 – Tease out your future listings with the help of Coming Soon graphics in Designs. 
  • Apr. 20 – Show your clients some love by sharing and celebrating their wins today. Did the couple that is new in town land their dream home? Did your overwhelmed seller find the perfect buyer and feel relief for leaving their home in good hands? Scream it from the rooftops.  
  • Apr. 21 – Build goodwill within your community by highlighting a valued community partner or upcoming event
  • Apr. 22 – It’s Earth Day! Show your appreciation by sharing why nature is important to you and posting an image or two while you’re at it! 
  • Apr. 23 – Have an effortlessly successful social media day by choosing a Quick Post to share. Head on over to Campaigns! 
  • Apr. 24 – Take today to send out a call for referrals. If your business comes from word of mouth, let your sphere know, and make sure to thank them for their consideration. 
  • Apr. 25 – Got a little R&R this weekend? Allow your clients a sneak peek into your personal life, and encourage them to share something from their own weekends.

Week Five

  • Apr. 26 – Use Designs to put together a graphic showcasing your expertise (Or just share an aesthetic photo). Is it a certain neighborhood? Family homes? Whatever it may be, make sure your clients know you excel at it! 
  • Apr. 27 – Take a page out of The Heyl Group’s book and anticipate your clients’ issues. For sellers, that is “Where do I go if I sell?” Give your clients a peek into how you would address that concern
  • Apr. 28 – Showcase your newest listings by creating beautiful Just Listed graphics in Designs. 
  • Apr. 29 – RED Day is coming in strong on May 13. Take today to share your plans with your community, and call on your sphere to volunteer! 
  • Apr. 30 – Time to scream your wins from the rooftops and celebrate previous clients. 🎉 Share a heartwarming image of previous clients on closing day.

What Works for YOUR Audience? 

As you translate these ideas into your own social media strategy, what are some of the most valuable insights you are gaining? Any new ideas that we haven’t mentioned? Share with us in the comment section. 

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