Planting Roots: Your Q2, Personally-Branded Magazine Is Now Available in Designs

Ada Ciuca| May 3, 2021

In February, the KWRI team released the first iteration of the personally-branded magazine in Designs – a beautifully packaged tool to help agents generate leads, build goodwill, and strengthen relationships with their sphere, and establish themselves as experts in their field and neighborhood. Agents went full speed ahead, leveraging the magazine in a multitude of ways including digitally (by creating the full magazine or pulling certain pages for multiple touches), and printing it out professionally for a more tactile experience. 

Earning its spot as the most beloved asset in Designs, the magazine is back with three new editorial articles and ample space for personalization and authentically sharing your business with your sphere. In an ode to springtime, the magazine’s theme is planting roots within your home, a theme that is explored within this quarter’s featured articles. 

Here’s what you can expect from the newest magazine, now available under the “Lead Generation” category in Designs. 

Feature Articles

All Smiles at the Offer Table. The first feature article of the season provides insights into how your clients can navigate a multiple-offer situation, whether they are on the buying or selling side. It is a timely piece, perfect for those who are looking or know someone who is looking into buying or selling in today’s hot market.

Top Home Decor Trends to Try. The second piece encourages readers to plant roots within their homes by trying out six of the season’s most popular home decor trends. The piece also features beautiful visuals that highlight some of these trends.

Increase Your Home Value With These 10 Tweaks. Lastly, the third feature article encourages your sphere to plant roots in their homes by taking on renovation processes that can make their home a happy place today, and set them up for success if and when they decide that it is time to sell.

Featured Articles, Q2 Personally-Branded Magazine

Personalized Content

Your Magazine Covers, Branded: With the personally-branded magazine, every page works for YOU! Personalization was top-of-mind when creating the product, and it starts right with the cover. The cover holds space to include an agent or team name, the office that the business is a part of, as well as your own recognizable brand logo. Multiple cover options are available within the image library. The back cover is a nod to your very own KW App, with prominent space to include your personalized URL.

Letter from the ‘Editor’ (Hey, That’s You!): The personally-branded magazine puts your face in front of your database right off the bat. In the “Note from the agent” section, you can (re)introduce yourself as the neighborhood expert for all real estate needs. The page contains general copy that can be used as is, or you can personalize with additional detail to your liking. Be sure to put your best headshot forward so your sphere can easily picture exactly who they could be working with. 

Quarter in Review: Give your database a bird’s-eye view of the market on the “Quarter in Review” page. With space to plug in general neighborhood market statistics and your very own business statistics, readers will be left feeling empowered by the knowledge.

Showcase Your Listings: The personally-branded magazine holds not one, but two full pages dedicated to showcasing your listing. Save the star student for the “Featured Listing” section, which provides room for a description as well as ample photography space. Six more listings can be featured on an additional page, “Hottest Spring Listings.” Both pages offer space to insert your contact information, leading interested buyers straight to your phone or inbox for a tour. 

Establish Your Expertise: The “Get to Know Me” section is the perfect spot to let your education, awards, and statistics do the talking when it comes to why clients should work with you. The section provides general copy including some background information on the Keller Williams founding principles, and space for you to make your case in your own words, if desired. 

Spotlight Your Clients: Your clients are the best marketers money can’t buy. The “Success Stories” section allows you to take full advantage of your glowing client testimonials by bringing their voices and faces in front of potential clients. 

Ask an Agent: Whether you’re craving one last opportunity to establish yourself as the real estate expert on the block, or you’d like to pass the baton to another team member, the “Ask an Agent” section allows you to think through some of the most commonly asked questions your sphere finds themselves inquiring about, and provide them with thoughtful responses.

Ready to Customize?

The time has come! Head on over to Designs and experience the newest personally-branded magazine. Then, make sure to let us know your best customization tips and tricks in the comments section below!


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