How To Build A Powerfully Connected Business Through The KW App

February 27, 2020

In 2018, Keller Williams and its associates embarked on a bold journey of connection. First, they made decades of real estate data accessible and intelligible by connecting it to the Keller Cloud. Next, they connected agents to all of that valuable information via the powerful operating system, KW Command. And now, Keller Williams is bringing consumers into their infinite loop of connection through the all-new KW App.

Combined, Command and the KW App offer a continuous flow of information that keeps agents in the know and at the heart of every transaction. And while this exciting innovation is destined to shape the future of the industry, a little preparation is required on the agent’s part to make sure both systems are working in lockstep. 

Keller Williams is setting agents up for success by releasing helpful how-to content to get the ball rolling. Below is a distillation of what changes agents can expect to see in Command and what steps to take as they start customizing and then promoting their app to consumers, as well as some best practices for spreading the word as fast as possible.

“The phone is the remote control into people’s lives and you now own a button on it.”


Getting Started With Command and Your App

Before this end-to-end real estate experience can include their clients, there are several steps agents will need to take in Command:

  1. Complete Contacts: When the Contacts applet first debuted in Command, less than 50% of the thousands of profiles that were created contained a phone number, email address, or home address. Without at least one of these vital pieces of information, there’s no way to directly inform a prospect about the new KW App. And, now that a client’s in-app activity will be automatically logged in the Timeline of their Contacts profile, this applet is more important than ever before.
  2. Create a Unique URL: In the Consumer applet (previously known as the Sites applet) agents will have an opportunity to create unique URLs for landing pages and their personal app download. When a client downloads the app from an agent’s unique URL, the app will automatically be associated with the agent. If the client downloads the KW App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, additional steps will be required to establish the connection. Agents should make things easier by always sending clients to their unique download URL.
  3. Customize the Buyer and Seller Guide: Also inside the Consumer applet is the Guide Builder tab. This tab is where each agent will have the opportunity to create a step-by-step guide for buying and selling a home that will appear in the customer’s app. By default, the guide will match the buyer and seller presentations currently living in the Designs applet, but agents are free to add, remove, or rearrange steps to fit their unique process.
Train Up on the KW App

Promote Your App

Once an agent creates their custom URL and establishes their buyer and seller guide process, it’s time to get their app in their clients’ hands.

There are four ways to do this:

  1. Quick Post: The fastest way to get started is by utilizing the Quick Post function waiting inside the Campaigns applet. With Quick Post, an agent can share a professionally produced, consumer-focused KW App commercial with their entire social network in two easy clicks.
  2. SmartPlan: For a more direct approach, agents can add their contacts to the Promote My App SmartPlan, which includes an email and two text messages advocating some of the app’s most exciting features. (Note: Agents will have to connect a Twilio account to their Command profile to send automated texts.) While the messaging of each promotion will be slightly different, the agent’s unique URL will always be present.
  3. SmartVideo: Arguably the most exciting piece of KW App content to come out of Keller Williams headquarters is the Neighborhoods SmartVideo.
    Found in the Designs applet, the Neighborhoods SmartVideo combines data insights with aesthetically pleasing animations to provide current and potential customers with a hyperlocal overview of their real estate market. Agents are free to edit everything from their contact information at the end of the video to the facts and figures quoted throughout. Best of all, the whole process takes less than five minutes to set up.
  4. Designs: The Command applet receiving the most frequent updates is Designs, where new app promotional materials are being added almost daily. In addition to the SmartVideo, Designs has a treasure trove of customizable social post, email, and direct mail templates that agents can edit and utilize however they like.
Neighborhood Snaps template that can be found in Command's Design tools.

Perfect Your App

To truly benefit from this end-to-end experience, agents must remain active participants throughout the entire customer life cycle: not just when someone is ready to buy or sell a home. That means keeping clients updated on neighborhood trends, commenting on their shared Collections, recommending preferred vendors for home repairs, and all the other opportunities when agents can remind consumers of their value; not by overwhelming them with phone calls and text messages, but by providing them with the knowledge they need, when they need it, via your KW App.

Now, you are able to set up custom listing alerts for your clients and have them delivered at the frequency you prefer. When clients create a saved search in their app or on your website, they will also be able to set email frequency, which you will be able to see directly from Command.

“People don’t want an on-demand agent. They want on-demand information.”


By using tech to keep agents as fiduciaries at the center of every transaction, Keller Williams is getting ahead of the venture capitalists and industry disruptors who are trying to take personal relationships out of real estate for the sake of their own profit. For this strategy to work, agents have to sustain those one-to-one connections by getting their app on as many consumer phones as possible. As co-founder and CEO Gary Keller explained during this year’s Vision 2020 presentation, “We’re going to innovate on behalf of our businesses and consumers. As long as we do that, there’s no oxygen for outsiders.”

Command Your Consumer Experience

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