Q2 2019: Growth, Gains, Award-Winning Innovation

August 13, 2019

The second quarter has come to a close, and Keller Williams agents are raising the bar in real estate. Equipped with an end-to-end business solution and winning mindset, they are streamlining their business activities and strengthening their bottom lines.

“Our agents continue to capture market share and outperform the industry despite a shifting market. In fact, 10.4% of our industry’s total sides belong to Keller Williams agents,” said Gary Keller, co-founder, chairman and CEO, KW. “What sets our associates apart is their unique ability to recognize and act on opportunity.”

“The ultimate measure of our success is the health of our people’s businesses. And, we’re proud that 94% of our market centers across the U.S. and Canada are profitable,” said Keller. “That’s a direct result of our unwavering commitment to the agent-led Labs process which delivers technology that grows their businesses.”


Backed by a $1 billion investment earmarked solely for technology development, Keller Williams is delivering on their commitment to providing agents with tech that generates results.

  • Command, a smart CRM-plus suite of apps hosted on the Keller Cloud platform made available in Q1 ’19, has 60,089 active users as of June 30. Active users of Command are up 44.7% since the end of Q1 ‘19.
  • In Q2 ’19 alone, agents added 7.8 million client contacts into Command. YTD 25.0 million contacts in Command.
  • Kelle, a proprietary AI-fueled real estate agent business application, has 79,247 active users, as of June 30.
  • 84,122 referrals representing $22.9 billion in sales volume have been exchanged on KW’s agent-to-agent referral network.
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“We wake every day asking, ‘How can we empower agents to deliver a better consumer experience?’

In Q2 ’19, we made huge strides on this journey and released on average 50 to 75 agent-directed, iterative updates to Command a week,” said Josh Team, president, KW. “What agents and agent teams love is that we’re adding this value at no additional charge.”

“Because we’re innovating in partnership with our agents, we’re seeing massive growth in the daily active use of Command and Kelle, which is driving production results,” said Team. “We’re giving agents exactly what they told us they need.”


At 180,000-plus associates strong, Keller Williams is the world’s largest real estate franchise by agent count, and No. 1 in closed units and sales volume in the U.S. This achievement in growth is growing stronger by the day as agents continue to deliver top-tier client experiences.

United States and Canada (production YTD in FY ’19)

  • KW is home to 160,282 agents in the United States (156,733) and Canada (3,549), as of June 30, 2019.
  • As of June 30, agents closed 535,953 transactions.
  • Agents closed $163.9 billion in sales volume, up 0.5% over the same period of FY ’18.
  • Agents took 406,937 new listings (new market inventory), up 1.0% over first half of FY ‘18.
  • Listings taken volume totaled $145.1 billion, up 3.2% over same period of FY ’18.
  • Agents wrote 632,280 contracts (projected closings), up 0.8% over first half of FY ‘18.
  • Contracts written volume was $194.1 billion, up 1.4% over same period of FY ’18.
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Keller Williams Worldwide (production YTD outside the U.S. and Canada in FY ’19)

  • KW has 8,075 agents collectively operating outside the U.S. and Canada, up 20.9% over the first half of FY ‘18.
  • In Q2 ’19, Keller Williams expanded globally into Morocco.
  • Agents closed 14,831 transactions in FY ’19, up 17.0% over first half of FY ‘18. .
  • Agents closed $2.2 billion in sales volume, up 1.0% over the same period of FY ‘18.
  • • Agents took 45,796 new listings (new market inventory), up 34.5% over first half of FY ‘18.
  • Listings taken volume totaled $15.2 billion, up 36.4% over same period of FY ‘18.
  • Agents wrote 19,191 contracts (projected closings), up 35.8% over first half of FY ‘18.
  • Contracts written volume was $2.0 billion, up 12.0% over same period of FY ‘18.

Outside of the U.S. and Canada, KWW regions include Argentina; Belgium; Belize; Bermuda; Cambodia; Chile; Colombia; Costa Rica; Czech Republic; Dubai, UAE; France; Greater Shanghai, China; Greece; Indonesia; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Jamaica; Luxembourg; Malaysia; Mexico; Monaco; Morocco; Nicaragua; Northern Cyprus; Panama; Philippines; Poland; Portugal; Puerto Rico; Romania; Southern Africa; Southern Cyprus; Spain; Trinidad and Tobago; Turkey; United Kingdom; and Vietnam.

Wealth Building

In keeping with the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders, we have created a distinct wealth-building platform that rewards associates who contribute to a profitable market center’s growth by attracting productive individuals. In the United States and Canada, we do this through profit share; and across the world, through growth share.

  • In Q2, $58.6 million in profit share was distributed to associates in the United States and Canada, over $1.2 billion since the beginning of the program.
  • In Q2, $494,577 in growth share was distributed to worldwide associates outside of the United States and Canada, $5.4 million since the inception of the program.


Whether it’s through distributing our profits, serving in our communities or serving each other, a culture of caring is alive and well at Keller Williams.

KW Cares is a 501(c)(3) public charity created to support our associates and their families with hardship as a result of a sudden emergency.

  • In Q2 ’19, KW Cares distributed $1,678,084 in grants to 98 deserving recipients.
  • As of June 30, 2019, $43,491,159 in grant funding has been distributed to 4,471 deserving recipients.

Founded by Gary Keller in 2015, KWKC is a 501(c)(3) educational nonprofit with a belief that the cultivation of a growth mindset and limitless goals needs to begin as early in life as possible. KWKC leverages the success of Keller Williams by bringing the company’s strengths in education and training to the next generation of world leaders in any industry through public events.

  • 611 lifetime QL events
  • 7,358 young adults impacted by a Quantum Leap event as of Q2 ‘19.
  • 731 KW associates registered as QL instructors as of Q2 ‘19.
  • $513,940.42 raised to go toward QL event scholarships for young adults.

Awards & Accolades

From sharing profits and agent-led leadership to team and expansion models and technology – we continue to reach new heights through innovation, culture and an uncompromising agent-first mindset. And, the world is taking notice.

  • In February, Keller Williams earned the title of Most Innovative Real Estate Company by Fast Company.
  • In April, the Swanepoel Mega 1000 named Keller Williams the top residential real estate franchisor in the U.S. The company was also ranked one of America’s Best Large Employers by Forbes.
  • In May, KW associates gave back to communities across the world via its 11th annual RED Day event and were named #1 Company for Work-Life Balance by Indeed.
  • In June, the REAL Trends’ “The Thousand” featured 86 Keller Williams’ agent teams in its Top 250 ranking of real estate teams by transaction sides, representing 34.3% of the total ranking. 

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