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Keller Williams Q1 2019 Performance Report

Published: May 6 2019

From the beginning, the people of Keller Williams have made a name for themselves as industry disruptors. Relentless innovation, a remarkable culture, and shared prosperity have combined to create the most formidable sales force in real estate.

With an innovative spirit alive and well, Keller Williams is doing it again – this time, with technology. Landscape-altering tools Command and Kelle have arrived, allowing Keller Williams agents access to the largest set of industry data in the world, a robust referral network, and endless ways to optimize their dollar-productive activities. The end result? More time and attention for clients, more business for agents, or, as we like to call it at KW, a win-win!

Innovation that
commands attention

From every angle, KW technology has upgraded and integrated the real estate tools that agents need most by helping them streamline and prioritize the activities that bolster their bottom lines. Supporting agent profitability and recapturing time to their day, our technology enables agents to produce results and enhances their ability to create top-tier client experiences.

Josh Team
“We will have the most robust, global, fully connected, AI-powered real estate platform that the world has ever seen. Our entire job, the whole reason we're doing this, is so that our agents can offer the personalized digital experience that consumers demand.”
- Josh Team, President, Keller Williams


Your virtual assistant

Referrals Map


Agent-to-agent network

Latest in Labs Livestream on KW Connect


Collaboration and training

Command Opportunities


Your end-to-end business solution

Kara Pierce
“One of the reasons I love Keller Williams is their investment in technology. If I didn't have this technology, there's no way I could have a 1-year-old and a 5-year-old and do what I'm doing.”
- Kara Pierce, Central PA East

Thank you to all
who have labbed with us

All of us at Keller Williams HQ want to extend a huge THANK-YOU to all of the Keller Williams agents who have been supporting our global technology efforts by continually labbing each new release – all while serving clients, pounding the pavement, and making your business stronger; day in and day out.

Because of our agents' participation, we're rolling out game-changing real estate technology, yet still delivering the five-star experiences we're famous for. For this, we thank you.

Unparalleled Growth

Since our inception in 1983, our Keller Williams family has grown to over 170,000 associates worldwide. We have also solidified our stance as the number one real estate franchise in agent count, closed units, and closed volume in the United States. This achievement in growth and volume is proof that our company is home to real estate’s best, and we’re growing stronger by the day.

Q1 2019

Associate Count



U.S. & Canada Sales Volume

Global Sales Volume

Meet The Top Performers of Q1
Gary Keller
“We've taken risks, experienced failure, and moved forward even when the path wasn't clearly defined – learning that if we were committed to thinking big, the rewards would abound.”
- Gary Keller, CEO, Keller Williams

Worldwide Growth

In Q1, Keller Williams added 12 offices around the globe and expanded into Italy. With this addition, Keller Williams is now in 36 regions outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Roberto Serrano
“They are always asking us, 'What more can we do; what more support can we give.' The support of KWW reminds us that even in the toughest times, there's always opportunity.”
- Roberto Serrano, Jr., KW Nicaragua

A Culture of Sharing

Whether it's through serving each other, distributing our profits, or giving back to communities we live and work in, a culture of sharing defines us as a company.

Wealth Building

In keeping with the philosophy that agents are partners and stakeholders, we have created a distinct wealth building platform that rewards associates who contribute to a profitable market center's growth by attracting productive individuals. In the United States and Canada, we do this through profit share; and across the world, through growth share.

Profit Share

Q1 2019


Growth Share

Q1 2019


Sue Adler
“I never imagined this would grow to the level it has. The real reward [of profit share] has been the huge opportunities I have been able to create for others.”
- Sue Adler, Summit, New Jersey

KW Cares

KW Cares is a 501(c)(3) public charity created to support our associates and their families with hardship as a result of a sudden emergency.

In Grants Distributed to 55 Deserving Families in Q1 2019

Lifetime Grants Distributed

John Rios
“The assistance I received from KW Cares gave me the opportunity to stay in business as a REALTOR. It helped absorb the extraordinary costs of medical bills and medication.”
- John Rios, White Plains, New York

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