The Gayden Team

October 1, 2019

The Gayden Team

Glen Gayden, who heads up the number one real estate team in Katy, Texas couldn’t stay away from Keller Williams.

After a stint at Keller Williams years ago, The Gayden Team moved over to Clayton Hash Realty. But six years into their time at Clayton Hash, the team – with a combined production of $140 – decided that it was time to look for a new professional home. 

Gayden spoke with several brokerages but was impressed by KW’s dynamic offerings and culture.

“Here we are back at Keller Williams because it offers industry-leading support, industry-leading technology, industry-leading leadership,” he says.

Industry-leading technology

Perhaps most of all, Gayden, who’s been in the industry for the last decade, was taken by KW’s forward-thinking technology, tools the company has worked hard to create over the last several years in partnership with its agents. The deciding factor for coming back was Keller Offers – a newly-established iBuyer division which consumers sell their home through a near-instant process. 

“It’s going to be a tool that ultimately pushes these disruptors out and makes it easier for us to stay central to the transaction,” he shares.

Gayden and his team have also been thrilled with Command, KW’s operating system of the future for real estate agents, and the efficiencies and the cost savings that it brings.

 “We’re really excited to streamline a lot of the other systems we’re using, put them all in a central hub and make everything much easier and more manageable.”

The power of the KW brand

Being able to offer a ZeroPlus loan to clients through Keller Mortgage has also been huge for his team, Gayden says, and having the Keller Williams brand behind them has already been instrumental.

“Its helped cement and further client relationships,” Gayden shares. And not only with new construction clients—which currently makes up the bulk of the team’s business—but also with residential clients as well.

Gayden says that his team members have been so thrilled to have joined Keller Williams that it’s been hard to keep them out of the office ever since the switch. “The whole team is enthused,” he says. “We’re more excited than ever to be back.”

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