Leticia & Alberto Sotomayor

Lindsay Stafford Mader| June 27, 2019

Leticia & Alberto Sotomayor

For Leticia and Alberto Sotomayor, real estate is a vehicle for making a difference in the world. Whether serving customers, giving to local charities, or sponsoring the construction of a school in Nigeria, the couple finds true fulfillment in helping others. So when the Sotomayors left RE/MAX after 17 years, including several as owners of a local franchise, they were delighted to feel at home within the Keller Williams culture of God, family, business. “This is exactly what I believe,” says Leticia, “and now I get to work in an office that believes the same things I do.”

Not only is the atmosphere a great fit for the Sotomayors, but they are also now within reach of doubling their $17 million production. At Keller Williams, Leticia says they “have everything we need to succeed,” and Alberto says they are focused on taking the team’s efficiency to another level. “There’s so much untapped potential within us on a personal and business level,” Alberto explains. “When we came to this office with Derek [in Chino Hills, California] … you feel it. You feel the energy.”

To increase production, the Sotomayors say it’s essential to stay ahead of online companies that are “taking the relationship out of real estate.” So they are especially looking forward to harnessing the Command operating system, as well as the client database that will let them nurture their referrals. “Keller Williams does everything they can to position and equip their agents properly,” says Alberto.

The Sotomayors’ main drive for all of this is to help more people – and it’s this future that gets them excited. “A lot of people have told me, ‘I haven’t seen you this on fire since the beginning of your career,’” says Leticia. “It’s the best decision we’ve ever made. I only wish we’d made it sooner.”

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