Jessica Hargis

After leaving Keller Williams in 2016 to start an independent brokerage, Jessica Hargis knew it was time for a change. The Dallas, Texas-based mega agent had proudly put her best foot forward, yet struggled to compete with larger brokerages, who – through size alone – could offer agents more in terms of resources and technology. So, she opted to join eXp Realty … only to return to Keller Williams four months later.

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Back to Brick and Mortar

“Ultimately, my decision [to leave eXp] wasn’t about the caps and fees; it was my philosophy, what I believed in … brick and mortar,” she shares.

According to Hargis, the company’s virtual office had more drawbacks than rewards for her (at-the-time) 83-member team.

“We missed the camaraderie. Hearing people talk to their clients and being able to learn from each other’s mistakes and successes is invaluable.”

Receiving administrative support was also a challenge in the virtual environment.

“At the end of the day, it didn’t feel right when I had to get on an avatar in the cloud instead of calling someone. We are working too fast, doing too many transactions to not have someone in the office that we can call for a quick answer.”

Hargis Reconnects with Her Real Estate Roots

Remembering this wasn’t the case at Keller Williams, Hargis called Tommy Flood, team leader at Dallas Preston Road, to reconnect and learn about the company’s latest offerings.

“When Tommy told me about where Keller Williams was going with technology, my ears perked up. I knew my team members would too.”

Hargis was particularly impressed by the company’s investments in artificial intelligence and release of Command – the industry’s first real estate-specific operating system.

“As more and more consumers flock online for their home search, it’s important to have a system that allows you to stay in front of them. Command does JUST that. It’s a CRM on steroids.”

Here to Stay

The innovative technology coupled with a win-win culture and endless stream of support was enough for Hargis to return to her roots. She looks forward to what her future holds for her team at Keller Williams.

“I wanted to make sure that wherever I landed would be the place I retire. A place my team could continue without me in production. I’m proud to say that Keller Williams is where I plan on ending my career.”