Ken Pozek: Elevate Your Lead Gen With YouTube

May 7, 2020

Throughout his decade-long career, Ken Pozek has put more than one thousand clients into their dream homes. Among these is his claim to fame: a $1.6 million-dollar buyer who came across Pozek’s YouTube channel, explored his videos, and reached out to work with him and his team. 

For Pozek, commanding his social presence by creating a strong, recognizable brand on YouTube was integral to getting in front of his target audience and staying top-of-mind. On his channel, the Orlando, Florida-based agent and team leader has experienced an exponential growth in subscribers – from taking two years to reach his first thousand to earning 500 new subscribers in a matter of 30 days. And, this subscriber base is engaged: Not only are they watching his videos, but many are inquiring about buying and selling. 

Though the market is currently undergoing a shift, his subscriber base continues to grow and express interest in the market. “We gained hundreds of new YouTube subscribers over the past 30 days,” Pozek shares. “Three are already under contract.” Here, he shares some of the key considerations in building a brand through video and attracting a clientele that will stay engaged and loyal.

Choose your platform based on one big goal. 

Before uploading his first piece of content, Pozek had his endgame in mind: “My goal is to create an asset that my local competition can’t easily take from me,” he says. “Building a video library on YouTube creates a lead gen platform that brings in leads whether I’m sleeping or awake, at no additional marketing spending.” And, in a shift, finding motivated leads is key!

The time and effort that Pozek puts into shooting, editing, and uploading one video can pay off for years to come. As his videos catch people’s eyes, they are the ones doing the work to get in touch and ask for his services, leading to a higher degree of brand loyalty. 

Interconnect your strategy. 

Choosing YouTube wasn’t an accident for Pozek. A huge part of the decision was the fact that the platform is Google-owned. “I knew that if I could put out great content that would also show up in Google search, it would not only make for great content for my database, but I could also use it as a lead gen lever,” Pozek says. “There’s a lot of different levels there that I’m able to push.” 

Once the videos are live, he does not stay silent – they are promoted via channels like Facebook and Instagram, and make excellent touches as marketing touchpoints for SmartPlans.

Present your videos appropriately. 

The three most important things to pour time and effort into when creating your video are your title, description, and an amazing thumbnail. All three go into play on making sure your videos are found, both within Google search and on YouTube itself. “I choose video titles very intentionally, as I research the keywords that people are going to be searching for,” Pozek says. 

For keyword research, Pozek uses a tool called ‘Keywords Everywhere,’ which shows how many times per month a keyword is searched. “Don’t name your video ‘Quaint little bungalow near downtown.’ No one is searching for that,” he says. “If you name it ‘College Park Home For Sale [You Won’t Believe the Price],’ having the popular keywords upfront, you’ll have a much better chance of having your video discovered. 

Currently at more than 90,000 views, one of his most popular uploads is titled ‘Celebration, Florida | 10 Things You May Not Know.’ – key terms that Pozek knew people were going to be looking for. “We get leads from that every single week,” he says. “There’s a reason why you live in your town and there’s a reason why people are going to move there. That’s the kind of content that you want to put out.” 

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Think less, implement more.

If you’re feeling apprehensive about getting in front of video, embrace the fact that there might be a learning curve. “I would say that my first 50 or 60 videos were absolutely terrible,” Pozek shares. Today, he is at a point where he has a videographer. But, those initial ‘terrible’ videos that Pozek filmed and edited by himself with a cellphone are still gaining traction.

One of these videos is an interview with a home builder representative that Pozek shot by setting up his phone on a tripod and edited by Pozek in iMovie. “Not TERRIBLE … but not award-winning by a long shot,” he remembers. While he did not get any direct leads from this video, Pozek still experienced a strong payoff. “The builder sales rep sent it to her regional sales counterparts and I landed (and sold) two homes from this builder, which netted me over $35K in GCI.” 

As long as you are producing content that your database and future consumers will enjoy, and you’re constantly working toward improving your video game (for navigating YouTube, Pozek recommends Derral Eves), your content will achieve success. “Most agents spend more time ‘getting ready’ than they do implementing,” Pozek says. “In this case, done is better than perfect.” 

Keep your content valuable and fresh.

As an agent, you are the local expert of your community. Zero in on that. Think about the reasons why someone is moving to your location, and act as a ‘mayor’ of your town. You can talk about your town’s different neighborhoods, or value offerings like a strong job market. “We’re doing things like the ‘Best Coffee in Orlando’ or ‘5 Things You Need to Know Before Moving to This Specific Spot’,” Pozek says. “These videos get great engagement and keep us in front of our database.” 

Leverage Command. 

If you are a Keller Williams agent, you can leverage Command’s SmartVideo feature and create a quick video for your channel highlighting your neighborhood’s stats. You can also use Designs to create promotional graphics for marketing your videos across channels. 

Adapt to the times, without losing sight of your goal. 

Pozek’s market has always been heavily dependent on out-of-town buyers and sellers, so he’s no stranger to the virtual open houses that have become a staple of the current shift. Still, there were some changes. “The thing that shifted for us is doing a video on every new listing we take,” he says. “Before, we were only doing them on higher-end listings.”

Pozek has also seen success with vlog-type content – the videos that give a glimpse into his business and everyday life. His peek into the currently shutdown Disney area, as well as home-office tour, have been innovative fan favorites. 

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